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What's Next?

It was predicted more than sixty years ago, a day when a computer could be made to think and understand like us ... like humans.

The achievement wasn't a revolutionary moment ... instead a transition made possible by the collective achievement of science over decades, and by hundreds of days of non-stop effort by the inventors, sequencing the information, algorithms, communications, interfaces and hardware mechanics needed to make the patent pending processes of Stored Purpose machine intelligence computable.
Now that we (humans) know how to make intelligent systems ... what's next?

First, consider that whatever the members of wJones can do ... your company can do ... with a simple "Click" on the Contact link. As early as tomorrow, you could be discussing the possibilities and strategic implications of enhancing your products and services with Stored Purpose machine intelligence technology.

Purpose Oriented Goal Pursuit
Over the next decade, we believe a future of pure imagination is possible, but only if companies such as yours choose to take the first step. Although Stored Purpose offers immense possibilities, we understand it is a big decision. If choosing "which shade of green to paint the case," and "where to depot inbound flights from China" define the extent of your appetite for design complexity, you may wish to sit out this decade.

If on the other hand, you've noticed that it's been nearly forty years since a man has landed on the moon, sixty-five years since the World War II era von Neuman stored program computer architecture became the global standard, and that in the United States, the leader of technical innovation, its citizens drink bottled water and rarely purchase products they, themselves can cost effectively make ... maybe you are ready to direct a small portion of your R&D budget towards a project with clear Purpose and clearer potential.

At wJones, we envision a day when the most efficient factory won’t necessarily be the employer of lowest wage,
when smart medical devices will enable both patient and doctor to skip a trip to the hospital,
when agent assistants will write the reports and people will raise their children, and
when mobile bots will eliminate many reasons to drive, but on the day a person must, the streetlights will be efficient and accommodating.

Supporting Safety

Goal Pursuit for a Hospital
Stored Purpose creates an opportunity for technologies that will be inherently safer. This is because unlike devices that execute program logic, with no understanding of consequence, each action performed by an intelligent system must align with its Identity and Purpose ... definitions of “right” and “wrong” that a machine will not ignore.

But safety will necessitate well working platforms, an integration of products, applications and services that goes beyond design. This is why ensuring safety will be our job #1. This effort will require the collaboration of government, business, product manufacturers and solution providers to create a market environment where safety is important everywhere.

While the three to six year time horizon for first products may seem like a distant future, in terms of product safety, it is right around the corner. Consider the time it took, in the lifecycle of the automobile, for essentials such as seat belts, windshield wipers, safety glass, air bags and anti-lock breaks to be developed.

Promoting an Open Ecosystem

If Stored Purpose is to succeed, it will be the result of many large and small solution providers, making the evolutionary shift. Our goal is to attend to the science, the core tools, the templates needed by solution developers and the challenges that will invariably arise from significant change. This will be our job #2.

If you are interested in learning more, start by reading information about Stored Purpose Concepts, likely questions and answers, and scenarios of potential uses of stored purpose technology.

When you are ready to take the next step, contact us. We can provide advice and assistance in planning a first project or solution or simply preparing for changes ahead.

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